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Maciek Gołaś is a visual artist and his relationship with Asia is going to end very soon unless he finds out how to keep on making good contemporary art as it is the thing that excites his girlfriend the most. So he decides to set off for a crazy journey to the sources of modern artistical craftsmanship.

What might a Catholic cardinal and a mysterious beauty clad as a boy be seeking in the forest? This time these are neither the blueberries nor mushrooms, nor even the hidden armoury of La Résistance, since the whole scream takes place in France. They seek for revenge. The one most malicious and pervert ever taken... Will somebody or something manage to frustrate their damnable plans?

Is being a war correspondent the most dangerous occupation of all types of journalism? This movie proves, that simple interview with common modern artist can be way much perilous and one has to be prepared for the most ubelivable adventures.

The Story of Doctor Faustus The Tiny is a funny parable about art and love. Tommy has fallen in love with Patty, but she gives him the mitten several times. The boy is "not artistic enough" for her. Deeply miserable Tommy screams, that he would do everything, to win Patty's heart. Unfortunaetly, his cries of anguish reaches ears of someone very evil...

The Vision of Father Joseph is a fake documentary revealing the untold story of the Cold War. The Church does everything to preserve the upcoming Vaticanum Secundum. Father Mascelli, known as James Bond of the Roman Catholic Church, infiltrates the the soviet space program and becomes the first man into Space instead of Gagarin. But in the USSR they do know what "revenge" means...

The story is simple. A boy and a girl are sitting on a bench, they are lovers. The boy is eager to make crazy vernal love with his beloved one, while she would rather see contemporary art exhibition. The boy begins his dreadful lamentation...

This is a video fresco showing charms of one lovely summer in the region that I live.